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Tumble Magnet (and Rebooting)

Scars of Mirrodin is in full swing of previews which is the same as saying that the frothing pack of card hounds have been getting juicy bits tossed their way. Like sharks surging in a frenzy, a bit of preview blood in the water is bringing things to a boil.

Since this is all about my cube, or is at least supposed to be marginally related thereof, I wanted to start off with a bit of a mission statement before diving deeper.

I’m stealing an idea from Wizards of the Coast R&D member Dave Guskin.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.  Let me try again.

I’m going to review commons, one common a day.

Yeah, that’s better-ish. If you’re not aware of Dave Guskin you should be: he’s awesome and I can attest to that via empirical observation (of both the skillful abilities and karaoke mastery). He’s on Twitter as @davetron and he has a great blog over at guskintelligence.com – two things I recommend you add to your social media menus. Also, I was mentioned once by him when we met as part of the coverage team for Magic: The Gathering‘s 2010 US Nationals. Take that “Pics or it didn’t happen.” Internet guy!

The mission, as I’ve chosen to accept is, is to post a brief review of a common, what strengths it may have, and what place it could hold in an all-commons cube. So let’s begin with a fresh Scars of Mirrodin preview:

Tumble Magnet, a Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Tumble Magnet makes me think of a different card: Serrated Arrows. Colorless answers to creatures often come at the price of efficiency. Serrated Arrows is already in my cube since the delay of only doling out one -1/-1 counter each turn is sufficient to solve many of the threats the cube provides. Colors like blue and green lack a lot of removal and often find Serrated Arrows to be a  very useful tool that isn’t available within their respective colors.

Tumble Magnet is another type of answer for creatures. The equipment Leonin Bola provides a repeated tapping effect by turning a random creature into a Blinding Mage of sorts. Tapping creatures isn’t a permanent solution, per se, but as long as the tapper is handy a creature is answered. Tumble Magnet will tap a creature for some time but, like Serrated Arrows, will run out of counters.

The question here is this: “Are three turns of tapping a creature worth one card and three mana?”

Three turns of tapping is clearly useful for two reasons:

  1. Pushing more damage through, probably for the win.
  2. Delaying long enough to gain control of the board.

Tumble Magnet is interesting because of both the aggressive and control style options it provides. Kor Skyfisher and a few other bounce effects would be synergistic for resetting either the Magnet or Serrated Arrows. I once ran Æther Tradewinds in my cube to help facilitate resets of cards with “enters the battlefield” triggers. Depending upon the changes to blue I plan to stack with Scars of Mirrodin changes, Tumble Magnet is definitely one common I’ll be looking to hold a foil copy of in two weeks.

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