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Sylvok Replica

Continuing the Scars of Mirrodin theme is another nice new common: Sylvok Replica.

Sylvok Replica, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Steve Sadin previewed this last week and he said a lot of things in the context of the still hypothetical Scars of Mirrodin limited environment. What I want to touch on today is how that translates in terms of potential in a pauper cube.

Steve highlighted two important features:

  • This is a very efficient price for a utility effect on a reasonably priced creature
  • Artifact destruction will likely be very valuable in Scars of Mirrodin Limited

Both of these facts translate well into a cube environment. Being both colorless and a 1/3 means that Sylvok Replica isn’t just acceptable utility: it is a natural foil to aggressive white and black decks. Three toughness is often strong enough to resist the steady stream of two power guys white and black provide, and the colorless nature of being an artifact negates fear and intimidate from black.

Putting things in another light, which of the cards in the following pairs are more exciting: Naturalize or Nantuko Vigilante, Disenchant or Qasali Pridemage, and Shock or Skirk Marauder?  Getting access to an effect while also having a body is often very relevant.  I know I feel much better about putting Nantuko Vigilante in the main deck since his body is quite acceptable and a target of opportunity will often present itself accordingly.

Sylvok Replica is exactly the same type of creature: a fair size with the opportunity to ruin any artifacts or enchantments that may tangle things up. I believe the entire cycle of replicas in Scars of Mirrodin will far outstrip the original cycle from Mirrodin;I can’t wait to see the rest!

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