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Plague Stinger

With the Scars of Mirrodin Prerelease Events just a few days away I want to continue looking at the latest commons to come to the world of Magic. Let’s go with something that should tickle the fancy of many of the “casual” players and those who played back in the day: Plague Stinger.

Plague Stinger, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Let’s start with two obvious things:

  • Infect is the latest version of the poison mechanic (If you gain ten poison counters, you lose the game.)
  • Insect Horror sounds like a B movie (Insect: Horror! “Run from the roach of DOOM!”)

While much of the depth of Scars of Mirrodin‘s Limited environment remains to be seen, infect is being promised as a viable means to inflicting death by poison. The obvious synergy with infect, especially with an evasive creature like this one, is to play a pump effect. Vines of Vastwood, Groundswell, or even just plain old Giant Growth promises a hefty addition of poison counters.

All three of those cards are, currently, in my cube. However, Scars of Mirrodin will have many sources of infect as well as many sources of the synergistic proliferate mechanic – see Steady Progress for more on that – and I’m not sure my cube will have much redundancy for either mechanic. Once removed from the environment the question becomes “Will infect hold up within the test of time against all other commons?”

The initial outlook is dubious, especially on a fragile 1/1 that needs a little help to close it out faster, but I am hesitant to completely discount the possibility. More needs to be known about the other commons as that will determine how much direct support is even available for a pauper cube. That said, it only takes the right equipment and a few other infect creatures to really get a potential subtheme to be real.

“You die to poison.” may be the first alternate win condition that would work in my cube. If it makes sense to let it happen I will certainly give it a trial!

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