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Moriok Replica (and a Yo! MTG Taps! Special)

Before diving into the continuing adventure of commons and an all-commons cube I’d like to welcome anyone who hopped on over thanks to listening to the Yo! MTG Taps! weekly Magic podcast (either at StarCityGames.com or iwantmymtg.com). If you’re into cube draft, have thought about making your own cube, or love commons beyond normal limits – of which I have all three characteristics –  then you’ve found the right place.

Every day you’ll find a few hundred words, not a novella or full article, that I hope will make you think about things a little differently.  Please note the following:

  • I’m not sponsored here and I don’t make any revenue.
  • I wholly admit that you may disagree with me; please share why!
  • I’m wide open to any feedback or thoughts you have.

And with that I’ll move right into today’s card: Moriok Replica.

Moriok Replica, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Like Sylvok Replica that I reviewed last week, Moriok Replica is a throwback to an original cycle of artifact creatures from Mirrodin.  As I suspected, I’m enjoying the “Version 2.0” of the cycle as much or more than the first.

Moriok Replica passes the first test of creatures in limited: “Is it a reasonable size for its mana cost?”  A colorless 2/2 for just three mana is the standard Gray Ogre size and it makes the cut of many Limited decks. However in a cube there is no vanilla 2/2 for three mana: the additional value here is the Night’s Whisper stapled onto it.

A 2/2 that can be cashed in for two cards doesn’t seem overly dominating at a glance. It isn’t, and I’m not going to try to convince you of that. It’s the subtle power hidden within the activated ability I want to point out: it requires only one black mana. A deck running virtually any amount of black can slip this guy in and make using removal on it an awkward situation. Using it as a chump blocker feels better. Swinging into a smaller creature against and opponent potentially holding a pump spell looks more favorable.

Drawing two cards at instant speed is always a nice option. Having to only spent a little black mana to do it is juice. This is the prototypical card advantage engine for a green-black type deck with some creature recursion, or a black-white deck digging for removal.

Getting ahead on cards looks easier than ever before and feels right at home for my cube. With my desire to shift some multicolor out growing, adding “colorless” cards that care about one color feels like a fair compromise. Next week I’ll share a breakdown of what’s on the table to consider adding, and which current cube residents may be evicted.

But tomorrow is always another common!

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