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Withstand Death

The fact that three of my five Elder Dragon Highlander decks involve green should make it clear to anyone who’s getting to know how I play Magic: beating down and swinging hard are a few of my favorite things.

Many of the recent sets have come with interesting takes at the “green common creature pump or buff spell” that have varied from the simplistic Groundswell, a spin on Giant Growth, to the intriguingly tricky Vines of Vastwood, something that hearkens back to something like Avoid Fate.

Truly unique effects are few and far between which is why I was really excited to see Tim Willoughby preview Withstand Death.

Withstand Death, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Withstand Death isn’t a creature pump spell.  And it isn’t a keyword ability buff either, per se.  Making a creature indestructible is a pretty saucy thing to do even in the environment of infect beatings.

However, when taken out of the world of -1/-1 counters, Withstand Death takes everything it does to a whole new level:

  • Counter (almost any) target removal spell.
  • Win target creature battle.
  • Chump block for another turn.

These seem subtle, but consider how common removal, trading creatures, and chump blocking are in Limited. I can’t imagine a game where this card isn’t going to do something, especially if you’re playing with green.

I’m going to add this card to my monogreen EDH deck – what does that tell you about its potential?

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