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Untamed Might

Fireball wins games. It’s true: from unwinnable positions or losing through slow attrition, Fireball drops a heap of hurt on an unsuspecting opponent. Just “BAM!” and you’re shuffling again.

Yesterday I talked about Withstand Death, a different and unique sort of green instant creature buff. Today’s card is more in line with what you would expect from a new green instant: Untamed Might.

Untamed Might, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

This is something a bit more fierce. In Scars of Mirrodin Limited, this is the type of card that “blows people out” when a creature left unblocked, be it one with infect or not. What’s most striking about this is that it isn’t a reprint.

This green instant creature pump spell has, for so very long, either been a spin on the original or the original itself Giant Growth. Untamed Might is not complicated or particularly different but it has certainly never existed in this form.

Clean. Simple. Strong. Everything I love about many of the commons in my cube.

Green makes an solid supplementary color for decks as an excellent source of:

  • Powerful creatures (like Blastoderm)
  • Mana ramping (like Cultivate)
  • Creature pumping (like Untamed Might)

For a color like black, white, or blue a spell like Untamed Might is comparable to slipping an unexpected Fireball into the deck. With just a single creature with shadow or flying getting through the damage potential is huge.

Be wary those who are willing to take a hit: your calculation could be wildly off.

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