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Horizon Spellbomb (and Scars of Mirrodin Potential Update Part 1)

There’s a lot I’d like to cover today so I won’t waste your time: I value it and want feedback. The card I’d like to look at today is Horizon Spellbomb.

Horizon Spellbomb, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

There is a pretty straightforward reason I really like this card: it’s seems to be the lovechild between Krosan Tusker and Wayfarer’s Bauble. It’s a colorless way to ensure a land drop, like Pilgrim’s Eye, but replaces itself in your hand as long as you’re “on color” for the effect.

This is one of the few ways that a white-black or red-blue deck can smooth out some of the difficult casting requirements: those pairs work best when they have access to double of each color as early as possible.  The effect is fairly simple but the redundancy is valued high.

The Great Scars of Mirrodin Update – Part 1

I’ve been working hard reviewing commons – more for a daily blog challenge than the sincerest desire to expound my personal views – which has given me a framework to consider updating my pauper cube due to Scars of Mirrodin. First, some minor changes that have already occured:


  • Moved Wild Nacatl to Green-White – the Nacatl is basically a multicolor card anyway
  • Added Werebear to replace Wild Nacatl – Werebear “turns on” later in the game to be a big creature
  • Added Groundswell to replace Gather Courage – a +4/+4 pump is very compelling for aggressive decks early


  • Added Halimar Wavewatch to replace Train of Thought – Wavewatch stops attacks and becomes a beast; tapping out to draw cards is not useful against faster decks
  • Added Wormfang Drake to replace Capsize – a solid, evasive, cheap body that can help abuse Æther Adept and similar creatures; Capsize was too slow all-to-often
  • Added Mnemonic Wall to replace Æthersnipe – the wall is a solid blocker and buys back a relevant spell; Æthersnipe didn’t win the tempo battles so critical for blue
  • Added Cloudskate to replace Merfolk Looter – Cloudskate is another aggressive, evasive creature; Looting was often too little too late to be relevant
  • Added Preordain to replace Ponder – Preordain actually digs and filters draws for the same speed


  • (Green-White) Added Wild Nacatl to replace Leonin Armorguard – cut the weakest G/W creature to shift a multicolored in
  • (Blue-Red) Added Ogre Savant to replace Quicksilver Dagger – if the Dagger could help handle creatures it would feel so much better
  • (Blue-Black) Added Gravelgill Axeshark to replace Scarscale Ritual – persist is very solid for fighting creatures; Ritual rarely had a target it wouldn’t kill outright


These were the changes I made at Star City Games Open: Baltimore and tried out immediately. Since this post is dragging on I wanted to cut it here for now and let you comment on these. Do you think these changes are in the right direction? And what are your thoughts towards Scars of Mirrodin cards making it in?

I’ll share my breakdown of changes, all 17 of them, tomorrow.

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