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Neurok Stealthsuit

Humility is more than an awkward-to-understand-yet-imminently-useful-in-Legacy card, it’s the acceptance and greeting of “You know, maybe I’m not perfect.”

While it’s hard to find a dent in my armor of awesomeness (it’s too dented to identify individual markings anymore) I do love when great comments get my gears going, like the ones I always get from Usman.

Usman helped shape my view of cubes and development, giving me great examples and explaining things nicely. He’s someone I’ve learned to really listen to and consider. Which is why I’m talking about today’s card: Neurok Stealthsuit.

Neurok Stealthsuit, Common from Fifth Dawn

There are two very important things about this piece of equipment:

  1. It grants shroud, a very nice ability to be reusable and a fairly rare ability for common
  2. It can be moved at instant speed for just two blue mana

Shroud is one of the best abilities a creature in a pauper cube can have since there are virtually no board sweeping effects.  There is plenty of removal but being targeted means that not only does the Stealthsuit turn it off but can actually actively jump into any removal and “fizzle” it.

“Counter target spell that targets a creature you control.” is fairly narrow as an actual spell card but when it’s usable over and over and sets up protection on a valuable creature I see a lot of potential, especially for a controlling deck to resist the removal onslaught.

Stealthsuit feels like a compromise between the Whispersilk Cloak and Strider Harness issue in my Scars of Mirrodin proposed updates. Instead of dropping Æther Spellbomb into the cube the Stealthsuit feels like a great fit that puts a “blue artifact” in that decks will want. Yes, Cloak is still on the way out but the Stealthsuit should cover what the Cloak used to do and provide additional support with it’s instant speed equipping.

Protect my Errant Ephemeron? Yes. Yes we (still) can.

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