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Kor Skyfisher

I’m starting up a contest: find me some contests! I’m looking for neat ideas to try out as different contests for reader like you to cash in and win free stuff. Booster packs, promotional and premium versions of great cards, and even more will be up for grabs!

Head over to the Contest page for a few additional details and start suggesting contests today: you could be the first winner! And today’s card happens to be one of the first prizes to be heading out!

Death from Above

“Beating face: it’s a fun thing to do.”

That should be a bumper sticker, or white text on a black t-shirt, or something similarly situated to launch as a merchandised fad. You see, in terms of Magic, attacking is often a  fun thing to do. Whether it’s a few, small creatures or a titanic force of damage attacking with creatures is the first and most intuitive thing to do.

But what makes cubes interesting is that there is quite a selection of potential ways to beat down and swing across the table. For powerful cubes this could be anything from Meloku the Clouded Mirror tokens to Darksteel Colossus (Thanks, Tinker!). For pauper cubes, however, more mundane – but still interesting – means are required, like Kor Skyfisher.

Kor Skyfisher, Common from Scars of Mirrodin

Let’s start with the obvious advantages:

  • Flying is nice evasion
  • The 2/3 body is sturdy and impressive for it’s mana cost
  • Just two mana is an absolute steal for both of the above

Of course this card isn’t new to Magic and the drawback of returning a permanent when it comes into play isn’t as steep as it may appear. For most “white weenie” type decks, dropping this on turn two and returning a Plains to your hand isn’t any real tempo loss.

What makes this card so interesting is how that bounce interaction plays into different decks and archetypes. The following cards love to see a reset:

Every color has things it wouldn’t mind resetting. Add in multicolor, artifact, and land cards and it’s easy to see why this little aerial angler is the bee’s knees.

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