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Search for Tomorrow

I love the color green. The numerous shirts and accessory selections a wide variety of shades and tones of green is testament to my preference.

I also like the color green in Magic. It carries a lot of things I enjoy:

Yeah, you might say I’m a Timmy.  I’m also a secret Spike with some serious love for Limited.  The pauper cube I continually work on is all about refining that Limited environment and the experience it provides.

I also get to do awesome fun stuff along the way.

One of the themes I push is redundancy and ensuring that there is not only access to desirables, like removal and evasive creatures,  but saturation to punish the greedy and reward those who grab the right amount. For mana ramping there is quite a collection of cards at common, including Search for Tomorrow.

Search for Tomorrow, Common from Time Spiral

Search for Tomorrow was a stellar player during Time Spiral block, accelerating mana and incrementing storm counts all day long. It was certainly one card that I put into my green decks during that time yet one that I promptly forgot.  I’m not sure why I let this fall away from my memory as there are a lot of good things going on:

  • It’s a one drop and three drop for mana ramping
  • Playing it as a one drop ramps you to four mana, at least, on turn three
  • The cost, in either mode of playing, can be splashed easier than Land Aid ’04

In reviewing pauper, common/uncommon, and even some powered cube lists, Search is included quite frequently. It fits well into two slots in a deck’s curve and provides an untapped land either way.

Perhaps I’ve made a mistake overlooking this for the cube. Do you think it should find its way in?

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