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I love graveyard manipulation. Everything from milling – dumping libraries into the graveyard never gets old – and Entomb to Gravedigger and Breath of Life, messing around with the graveyard makes me smile.

Playing graveyard manipulation can be a very exciting thing. For one, it’s a resource that is no longer underused as design and development have done a great job in making the graveyard matter in natural ways. Secondly, it has a long and varied history with a wide range of effects and changes. For example, Breath of Life and False Defeat both existed long before Odyssey‘s Zombify.

Early on white had a large part of the “get back from the graveyard” in their portion of the color pie, and Twitter user Alex_M_Ferguson posed this question:

What is Reinforcements?

Reinforcements, Common from Alliances

Reinforcements is clearly something that helps a weenie deck reload. Getting back a single creature to your hand is often useful, if a little underwhelming, in Limited. Dropping your three best in your graveyard on top would seem like something even better.

However, unlike Gravedigger type cards which put it back into your hand or Breath of Life and friends that drop it onto the battlefield, Reinforcements locks you into drawing up to those three cards. This means that you close off your ability to draw an answer, if such a need presented itself, and provide your opponent with upfront knowledge of your draws.

I do like reinforcements and I don’t mind putting three awesome creatures on top for certain decks. While I’m not too keen on stacking the library in this manner Reinforcements is certainly a card I’ll begin to think about. If I drew it in this situation would it be helpful? When would this card feel right?

Asking those questions is the first step to setting up an experiment.  Thanks for the idea!

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