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The Great Scars of Mirrodin Cube Update (Final Pass)

It’s time. I’ve received your feedback. I’ve considered the options. I’ve stated cases and found slight errors. With a Magic vacation looming there’s only one thing left to do: deliver and execute the final changes to the pauper cube for Scars of Mirrodin.

If you missed the proposal taking a quick look at that will help clarify what was being considered before.  I’ve only included notations for different changes or clarifications if they differ from the original proposal; read up if you want to be in the know.

And if you’re ready we can dive right in!

Scars of Mirrodin – Pauper Cube Update (FINAL)


  • (W) Added Kemba’s Skyguard to replace (UW) Ethercast Knight
  • (U) Added Sky-Eel School to replace (UB) Architects of Will – Same sized body but comes with evasion and card filtering
  • (B) Added Grasp of Darkness to replace (RB) Igneous Pouncer
  • (R) Added Inner-Flame Acolyte to replade (RG) Gorger Wurm – Acolyte is superiors to the Vulshok Heartstoker so why not just run that?
  • (G) Added Withstand Death to replace (GW) Selesnya Evangel – The Evangel never really saw play and Sprout Swarm does what she does much better (instant speed and possibly multiple times in a turn)
  • (W) Added Origin Spellbomb to replace (RW) Fire at Will – The Spellbombs are an on-color one drop experiment (see below)
  • (U) Added Æther Spellbomb to replace (UG) Winged Coatl – As Usman pointed out, Coatl is really a Neck Snap type effect that would likely never swing (and hasn’t as far as I recall), however unlike Usman I think the Spellbomb is just fine since it serves as a one-drop in a color that sorely lacks them; that’s the value in splitting it over turns since you leave up the same amount of mana as if you had Unsummon anyway but can option into cycling if needed
  • (B) Added Necrogen Spellbomb to replace (WB) Putrid Warrior – Also as Usman pointed out, Warrior doesn’t fit into most black-white decks since each color is providing much better creatures anyway (that is those with flying and shadow). Again, however, I feel the Spellbomb works as it functions as a virtual one drop with option cycling.
  • (R) Added Pyrite Spellbomb to replace (UR) Ogre Savant – As with the other Spellbomb cards this serves as a potential one-drop for on-color decks
  • (G) Added Horizon Spellbomb to replace (BG) Desecrator Hag – While I’m loathe to cut a Gravedigger variant it’s more than awkward when you want something with less power but can’t grab it. Spellbomb serves as a one drop that can colorlessly grab lands but cantrips in green. I want to see if it will play out well.



As a response to the general density of running a tight cube I’m going to create a Watch List of cards that should be considered in deck building and a variety of play situations. I’ll discuss more upon release of the watch list.

So what to you think? Do the changes make sense and are there ones you’d like to see? Let me know!

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