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Interlude: Road Tripping



I love taking trips. The newest sights, sounds, and experiences awaiting us out in the world should be encouragement enough to hit the pavement running. For the next few days I’ll be on the journey all the way to beautiful St. Louis, Missouri.

And in the modern age of mobile access, one of my friends is packing a new iPad 3G, the device Mark Rosewater sells so well. So to celebrate I’ll be posting updates from the road, meaning:

  • I won’t be hyperlinking anything. I’ll insert links upon return to office.
  • The content will be generated organically.

Wait, what? Yes, organic content via a roundtable discussion among Magic players of many levels.

Meet the Cast


Steve, Fresh Player


Brendan, True Timmy Extraordinaire

Shawn, Crotchety and Grizzled Veteran

These three will be joining me in a delicious jaunt through distilleries and pits. And Magic is queued up for two nights in a row.

Yes indeed.


Tune in tomorrow for a special discussion!

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