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Interlude: Road Trip Roundtable #3

Breezing down the road at incredible velocity (approximately the speed limit or thereabouts) we were making our way back to our area of the country, memories and tastes delighted.

Last night was a solid, albeit small, pauper cube draft between we four travelers and the local native Usman Jamil: a lover of all things cube and fellow pauper cube builder. With four packs of 11 cards each we delved into the world of great Limited, packing firepower aplenty.

I asked each one, minus Usman as he was not traveling with us for obvious reasons, what they thought of things.

“I thought it went pretty well. I’ve played with you cube before and it came together much better than before; I actually felt like I knew what I should do and it worked.” Brenden confessed.

“I tried to do the exact same strategy as before which was big creatures and ramp, but I put my ramp in artifacts which took longer to get going. By the time my deck turned on it was too late. It was like two turns behind and there’s so much removal that it feels like nothing sticks.” Shawn countered.

“I enjoyed it. I picked a color (blue) and tried to build around it. I don’t think that I knew what I should have been doing because my deck didn’t work.” Steve agreed.

“Blue is a pretty tough color to build around because it plays so different. Shawn’s right in that because there’s so much removal it’s really tricky to play the right dudes to hold the fort. I’m not even 100% on the best blue-based build. That, and Usman cut you from some really good cards like Shimmering Glasskite.” I elaborated.

Shawn changed things up, sharing “One of the things that I think is pretty important is picking cards that you don’t want others to have against you.”

Nodding his head in agreement, Brendan said “Yeah, sometimes you just can’t let something go bye.”

“I don’t agree with that. I really try to avoid picking something that couldn’t make my deck.” I stepped in, then continud, Early picks may be replaced by later one if a color looks open or powerful stuff floats around. The only time I really pick something that doesn’t potentially fit is when randomization within packs causes colors I’m not in to be over-represented. Picking the strongest card against you then makes sense.”

The idea of “hate drafting” is strange which both strong proponents, an apparent logical appeal, and numerous expert drafters who resist it. I don’t know if there should be a balanced between these ideas but I do know I started willing more drafts when I switched to focusing solely on crafting the most consistent and powerful deck possible.

Maybe that’s the answer?

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