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Control is Working

Thanks to an awesome drag into the Midwest – if St. Louis can be called part of the Midwest – I had a chance to run a cube draft with Usman, one of the cube enthusiats who I reference quite a bit here.

He’s pretty solid at identifying card options and suggesting alternative changes to try out, even if he was wrong about Dimir Infiltrator.

Tonight I’m going to be brief: with the latest update “installed” it appears that control is working at a much better level than before. While crucial cards like Shimmering Glasskite and Calcite Snapper really make blue problematic for aggro, failsafe cards like Plated Strider and Mystical Teachings are making things flow very well.

I didn’t force control in the most recent draft, assuming correctly that Usman would (which isn’t exactly true), and once the threshold of buyback mana and solid blockers were achieved, the grinding of the win was made.

Control is here. Now, to see how far it can go.


I’ll be updating and enhancing the previous three days of posts with links, a few pictures, and additional formatting. There’s only so much I could do from the road.

  1. October 30, 2010 at 12:28 AM

    My strategy was to go for GB-splash U, which is why I ended up taking some of the cards like Shimmering Glasskite and Exclude, although the cards that I got (like the Probe which I got last pick in one of the packs. I think Pack 2?) in blue were better than my green and ended up just making a blue-black control deck in the end. Not really forced, but it just kinda fell into my lap.

    I definitely thought that control was playable from what I saw.

    • October 30, 2010 at 10:44 AM

      Steve was along in blue and I was forcing the same color pair, and there was a Zoo player snapping up good green: all this explains why we both switched into our splash colors.

      Six mana to reset a two or three drop is awkward, but with the soft-lock of keeping anything annoying off the board it can be worth it. I’ll try to figure out what to swap shortly.

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