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Any classically trained control mage is aware of a spell that, in it’s prime, brought many a player to their knees. Forceful yet reliable, the common cousin to Forbid.

There can be only one card to which I refer: Capsize.

Capsize, Common from Tempest

Capsize and I have a bid of bad blood between us; I feel too deeply in love with bounce effects and it helped ostracize my friends. What can I say other than with great power comes great responsibility, or something.

Capsize was one of the first residents in my cube based on the assumption that “Hey, it’s Capsize!” was sufficient. My recent swapping of it out was borne of the result of blue: too slow and obstinate to settle against aggressive decks. However, in my haste to speed blue up I may have taken away one of blue’s most powerful and unique tools.

With the defensive improvements on the ground, small boost in anti-creature effects, and a few more artifact creatures to help smooth things out perhaps it’s time to revisit my old friend. Second chances are often very hard to come by.

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  1. October 30, 2010 at 12:24 AM

    I’d try to get it in ASAP. It’s really hard to beat a Capsize lock and can be used as a bad Boomerang for 1UU if need be. It’s definitely in the top tier of commons cards, probably in the lower rungs of it (cards like Pestilence/Crypt Rats are arguably better, but not by that much.)

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