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On Fields

After considering some of the cube spreadsheet updating that is possible through the addition of data fields I’ve finally settled on the fields I’m working to implement.


The “Speed” field will be a binary setting on how fast the card is.  By “how fast” I mean actually getting the card into play or on the stack: sorcery (most creature and enchantment, and obviously all land and sorcery cards) and instant (everything that has flash or is an instant). This will allow me to see the “speed” of colors and identify if one color is actually slower than others.

Power and Toughness

These will be seperate fields but serve the same purpose: allowing some hard data on the strength and defense of creatures by color. Some liberty and judgment calls will need to be make around particular cards, like Gathan Raiders and Dragon Fodder.

Marker Flag

This will be a catch-all type category that will flag a variety of features about different cards: evasion (flying, shadow, trample, horsemanship, etc.), tutor (like Mystical Teachings), card draw, and other useful-to-know flags. Problematic cards are those with multiple flags, such as Mulldrifter and Dimir Infiltrator. Part of me believes that what I really want is a relational database of my cube so both discrete and contextual data is available to it’s fullest extent.

Do I really need to input and track my cube as a full-on database? No. I plan to hack it in a spreadsheet so it’s easier to openly handle with you.

But what do you guys think? Is this too much? Is a hack to make things work acceptable? Would a true database be unreasonable at this point?

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