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On Fields, Markers Specifically

Yesterday, I shared a slight preview of what I’m cooking on for going live tomorrow: updated fields and some phenomenal information for review. The portion I find most interesting is my idea to flag cards with various attributes. The goal of providing flags for creatures is to ensure that it’s easy to see if there are features distributed through all the colors: a mix of things that ensure colors have access to tools across the board.

Here is the list of attributes I’m going to flag:


Evasion is a creature-only flag that identifies if a creature is evasive. Flying, trample, shadow, and horsemanship all apply here.  Unique characteristics of some creatures, like protection from monocolored on Guardian of the Guildpact will be included. The type isn’t as important as just seeing that evasion is present.

Card Draw/Filter

Knowing if a card replaces itself, filters through cards, or otherwise manipulates a deck or hand can be vital to digging for improvement. Effects like cycling or being a cantrip can make a huge different in the feel of play and open avenues of decisions that otherwise are unavailable. All things equal, a card with cycling or that cantrips beats a card without.

Relatedly, if a card has buyback, returns a card from the graveyard to hand, or carries some other “virtual” draw effect it will be noted as well.  A brief description of the effect will be given.


Which cards can kill, main, or incapacitate creatures? This will tell you. Seeing it among all colors is vital to ensuring balance. That’s all there is to it.

These are the fields I’m moving forward with now. These three flags are among the most important considerations in Limited and, therefore, are the first to be flagged for a cube built for Limited.

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