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The Updated Spreadsheet, Take One

Despite Facebook itself stepping in to stop me (well, indirectly at least) I’ve manged to update my cube spreadsheet to incorporate more data elements, even if they are currently in a more rudimentary form. First, a few notes before diving in:

  • Card Draw/Filter includes land searching and ramping (Sylvan Ranger and Rampant Growth effects). When dealing with Limited decks of 40 total cards the manipulation of removing three or more land cards from the library is measurably substantial. When your odds tilt by double digits you know you’re getting somewhere.
  • Average Power and Average Toughness feel awkward but the data sets are thin by individual color and mode is generally less useful. Does looking at mode make sense comparatively? Should it be included? Are averages sufficient for telling the story without looking at the entire data set counted?
  • What layout/feature changes would make things flow better? Are there any data elements that would be useful to add, adjust, or clarify?

If you’re ready to dive in then take a look at the updated spreadsheet! Tell me what you think!

And a special thanks to Trick Jarrett, of ManaNation.com, for his quick responses in making sharing this data possible.  Thanks!

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