About Adam Styborski

“Who is Adam Styborski?” you ask. While good sense of Internet privacy dictates I avoid disclosing too much I will share a few things I hope you find interesting.

I started playing Magic: The Gathering around the time of Ice Age and Fifth Edition. It’s all a bit hazy and you can get a solid helping of my history and shaping experiences playing the game through two articles I’ve already written:

As you can infer I am a “casual” Magic player. I spoke more about what casual means to me at Gathering Magic. I won’t waste further words here.

So that’s that, eh? All the Magic knowledge you need to know. If you’re still curious, here are a few more choice words I have:

  • I have a Twitter account: the_stybs
  • I graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Mathematics
  • My studies deviated to include digital media and art as well as psychology
  • I currently work in the marketing department for one of the largest US auto insurance companies
  • I love to travel, but need a centering location to rest in

Everything else, and more, is something you can find out in person.

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